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I grew up in Ct and became politically active around 18 years old supporting Jimmy Carter for president. Shortly after that I began to study the bible and the writings of Francis Schaeffer. By the time 1980 came around I was a Reagan supporter (I think he was our best modern president). My life was further enriched in 1986 when a new Pastor came to lead our church, Doug Gleeson. Doug was the model of what a christian man should be, he was a dear friend who changed my life forever. For reasons unknow to me God took Doug home to be with Him in 1989 at only 39 years of age. His wonderful wife and his 3 terrific kids are among my best friends to this day. My wife has supported me in my political interests through the years including travel to Washington DC and non-violent political protests. She also provided excellent nurturing for our 2 children including constant attention to education, even home schooling them for two years. I have 2 grown children who are 2 of the best kids on earth. They are both political conservatives and christians who live out their faith in helping others and then helping them to help themselves. I guess that is my definition of compassionate conservatism.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Dead - Allah Akbar

Wow what great news to wake up to. This is exactly why I go to sleep with my TV on, the hope that I'll wake up during the night for a FOX news alert like this one. The hated "prince of Iraq" has now met his maker and.... it is not Allah but rather Jehovah the Just. Instead of his paradise of running water, gardens and virgins he was terribly suprised by the realization that his maker is Jehovah and that at His right side is Jesus Christ "The Lion of the Tribe of Judah" not the "Prophet" of Islam. Imagine the awesome realization that what he lived and died for was wrong and that the Christ that he hated could have been his saviour but is now his judge. It is at once a wonderful and terrible thing to contemplate. When I sent the news to my son by text message he responded back "Allah Akbar", what a terrific response from a great son!!! Thank God for His mercy to us who believe and His Justice upon evil and evil doers. Now what do you think Usama and his Dr friend might be thinking now?


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